Saturday :: Sep 15, 2007

Gen. Wesley Clark Endorses Hillary

by Jeff Dinelli

Calling her a "rock" who is "the total package" and the best candidate to "put the Middle East back together," Gen. Wesley Clark endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton for President this morning, making the announcement during a campaign conference call with bloggers around the country which Steve and I were invited to.

Saying Clinton has the "judgement, experience, and battle-tested character" to make the best Commander-in-Chief, the General is certain she's the best choice to solve the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan, places she has visited 3 times. Hillary understands the "proper role of both the Senate and the Executive Branch," has "really done her homework" as a member of the Armed Services Committee, and believes in "withdrawing forces now and encouraging diplomacy in the region, not only in Iraq but with all of its neighbors and even in countries we don't have strong relationships with now." Importantly, she does not support a "permanent presence" in Iraq.

Remembering her trip to Bosnia in the summer of 1999 when Gen. Clark was there, he calls her "strong and decisive," which will help her on the domestic front as well, as she will tackle the "urgent problems of health care and revitalizing the economy to develop a strong industrial base essential to competing in a global economy."

This will prove to be a major coup for Hillary, as Gen. Clark's endorsement will certainly enhance her image as someone who can be a strong Commander-in-Chief at a time when one is desperately needed. Calling her someone whom the military will be "proud to serve" under, the popular retired General has just boosted Hillary's campaign in a way that will make it difficult for the other candidates to counter in areas of national security and foreign affairs.

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