Saturday :: Sep 15, 2007

Cowboys for Liberty // Open Thread

by paradox
Dallas Cowboys

The Raider Nation is in front of the television tomorrow for one of our most notorious hated rivals:  the Denver Broncos, those orange donkeys with the funny name imported from Mexico.  The worst part by far in their modern assemblage is their coach, Mike Shannahan, who resembles George Bush so much it’s nauseating, it’s like The Evil One has a brother and he’s coaching the team that’s whuppin’ your ass.

Dallas Cowboys

Very much the likely outcome again tomorrow, the Oakland Raiders completely lack mental discipline of any kind, bad enough at home but a recipe for total disaster on the road in Denver, where beating the Raiders always has an orgasmic quality to its rabid berserk fans and coaching staff.  I’ll be rooting for my boys but no, the cash is not being laid on the Silver’n Black this week, after Detroit they should be surprised if I ever so foolishly blow my dough on them again, god damn losing that money hurt.

I’m awfully sorry about last week, Ms. Darcy Burner WA-08, but the Raiders were favored at home an’ everybody was sure they were sick of losing.  We were wrong, and like we all know in the Raider Nation on many days, in many ways, it can be a fucked up world.

Next up as the critical liberal beneficiary in NFL Open Threads:  the ACLU!  Who carries the ball for them?  The Dallas Cowboys! $50 -3.5.

The Nancy Pelosi brie-eating San Francisco 49’er weenie fans are booing and hissing, but look, man, this Romo home has done very well, it’s finally time we all admitted it, and if they beat the spread the ACLU gets some green, right?  Right?

Yeah.  I’m cooking tonight, my niece is here, so I won’t be around much right away, but it’s Saturday night'n I’ll be tubing in no time, just like always, of course.  Good night, gentle people, hopefully I’ll see you later.


Welcome, football fans, Jeff D here!  Last week wasn’t a good one for the Raiders, costing Paradox and me some green.  Luckily I got even with my brilliant pick of the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.  And you know what?  I’m staying with the ‘Boys this week, only giving 3-1/2 at Miami.  My Eastern Illinois University compadre Tony Romo is gonna average 4 TD passes a week this season, so this is a lock. 

No?  Tony won’t average that?  Well, the Dolphins are certainly not gonna be the team that stops him, that’s for sure.  I’m sticking with the hot hand to blow away the ‘Fins, who will struggle all season long. 

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