Monday :: Sep 17, 2007

Morning Update

by Steve

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Alan Greenspan is Exhibit A on why economists make crappy geopolitical strategic thinkers. To him, getting rid of Saddam was a simple, painless way for America to ensure its access to Middle Eastern oil supplies, and to prevent Saddam from bottling up the Straits of Hormuz. I suspect that he never read the multitude of studies that predicted sectarian chaos or the emerging strength of Iran if we toppled Saddam. And he’ll probably be a cheerleader for a strike against Iran now, even though the effect on the Straits and world oil supplies will be the same after such an attack as he feared it would be by leaving Saddam in power. Clueless bastard. As for that $200 billion a year out of our treasury, it’s nothing more than Greenspan’s talking point on why we need to cut Medicare and Social Security.

Mukasey As AG Nominee

Former federal judge Michael Mukasey’s selection today as Bush’s nominee to head the Justice Department is a reflection of the Senate GOP’s unwillingness to engage in a major confirmation fight for Ted Olson, who was the darling of the far right wing but who had gleefully made too many enemies in DC. Both of them are well qualified for the post, and the thankfully departed Alberto Gonzales should not be mentioned in the same breath as either of them. But Mukasey isn’t a partisan warrior like Olson is, and even Senate Republicans were signaling over the weekend that a fight for Olson wasn’t worth it after Harry Reid said he won’t be confirmed without blood on the floor. Note the two reactions Sunday from Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden to the news. Schumer gives Mukasey thumbs up, and gets rewarded by the NYT as a wimp who doesn’t want another fight with the White House. Biden on the other hand gives a “wait and see” answer.

White House Voter Fraud

The New York Times editorial today on the White House’s voting fraud scam in the 2002 New Hampshire Senate race correctly notes that for all the GOP’s talk about alleged Democratic voting fraud, this was a case where the Bush White House and the RNC actually engaged in it.

Nothing Ordinary In Baghdad

While Bush talked about life returning to “ordinary” in Baghdad last week, the residents of that city wonder what fantasy world he is living in. And the Iraqis have sent Blackwater packing after another incident of overkill, and Walter Pincus of the Post notes a discrepancy between Petraeus’ claim that security is getting better, and a help-wanted ad for private security forces.

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