Monday :: Sep 17, 2007

Hillary Stands In The Line Of Fire

by Jeff Dinelli

It's no secret Hillary Clinton is often the target of the center/left netroots, who have accused her of not being an ally. Yet when Bill O'Reilly attacked Kos as being akin to a Nazi organization, it was Hillary who stood with the blog. And tonight, after Barack Obama threw MoveOn under the bus for their attack of Gen. Petraeus, following close on the heels of the Edwards campaign sending Elizabeth out to do the same, who's left standing, refusing, as Jane Hamsher writes, to help the right wing out by repeating their talking points against one of our own? Hillary.

This speaks to character. She's continually attacked by the left, but by refusing to take the right wing bait and criticizing MoveOn, a mistake Democrats seem to make often, she refuses to splinter the base, instead using the MoveOn ad to force Rudy Giuliani to perhaps take the baton from George Bush and therefore take ownership of this disasterous and unpopular war. MoveOn then follows by firing back at Rudy by illuminating HIS betrayal in refusing to do his duty as a member of the Iraq Study Group.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Are you ready now to say the ad was a bad idea, counter productive?

BARACK OBAMA: Well, I certainly think it was counter productive in the sense that it gave Republicans who had nothing else to stand on, something that kept attention away from the bad policy of the President.

In the face of almost constant fire from her own party and her own ideological lines, Hillary is the one who has stood firm and refused to criticize her allies, realizing that the real enemy is the right wing, and though MoveOn or Kos or the rest of us leftist bloggers may have different ways of fighting, she never takes her eyes off the real target in front of us all.

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