Monday :: Sep 17, 2007

Ledbetter vs. Goodyear & Tire Company

by paradox

In May 2007 the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled with Ledbetter vs. Goodyear & Tire Company that a victim of pay discrimination had 6 months to file a suit upon the employer’s decision to rip them off.  Find out about it seven months after they did it, too bad.

On July 31 2007 the House of Representatives passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2007, precisely throwing out the USSC Ledbetter rule.

Arlen Specter and Edward Kennedy are sponsoring the Senate version of the bill, called the Fair Pay Restoration Act.  Thorough google searching reveals that nothing has passed the senate for the Fair Pay Restoration Act.  Nothing whatsoever has been passed on to the Democratic base from Congressional Democratic leadership on the status of the Fair Pay Restoration Act.

If the law ever does get passed by Congress a veto from President Bush is extremely likely.

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