Wednesday :: Sep 19, 2007

Republicans Whining in Their Nooses

by paradox

The Grand Old Party is going to get blasted into oblivion federally in the 2008 election: the Executive, Senate and House will all be in Democratic hands, significant leads built in the House and enough wins in the Senate to be just one more election away from the magic number 60.

The numbers tell part of the story, but the primary element, that of Congressional Republicans being the most ass-kissing authoritarian idiots the country has ever seen, endlessly supporting the worst president of all time in a truly scary sycophancy that creepily mirrors Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Jesus save us from these pod people Mussolini wannabe Republicans, is not one our corporate media will tell.

But for whatever reason the Washington Post published Republican whining this morning as professional Republican politicians, who damn well should have known better, whine, lie and laughably rationalize their voluntary trip to the political gallows. The noose beginning to chafe at their throats is their total support for Bush in the Iraq war, the snap of the floor giving way coming in November 2008.

At least a few cringing, racist authoritarian Republican hacks are somewhat honest in the beginning of the story, grossly understating their political suicide by stating they live in perilous times with the shit about to hit the fan, but most of the rest of the Republican quotes are classic lying and delusion, precisely stating why Republicans will be such scary total losers in 2008.

“To be candid, Republicans think less in terms of fealty to the president than loyalty to principle."

Whaaaaaaat? Candid is using the word “fealty?” What tutti-fruity elitism lying we have here, Congressional Republicans have been slurping away on their knees for Bush from day one, using the word “fealty” isn’t going to hide it. Loyalty to principle? Of course this Republican liar conveniently leaves out what those “principles” are, is it Killing & Invading for Lies, Endless Debt, Spying on Americans, Deny Global Warming, what?

"There is a marked contrast between this year threatening to veto all of these bills and the last few years," she said. "He's clearly trying to send a message. I think it's a belated message, and the choices are not ones I would have advised."

Republicans willingly signed up for the worst spree of spending and debt the country has ever seen in the last six years, but now Susan Collins is angry Bush is being the authoritarian hypocritical prick he’s always been? Bush’s message is that he doesn’t give a damn about anything but his own evil psychoses, he doesn’t even care about Republicans, and Collins damn well knows it as she flaps her lips with useless meaningless words like “belated” and “not ones I would I would have advised.” She doesn’t say what she would have advised, of course, Republicans cannot think and speak for themselves.

"But if I have looked at something and studied it and conclude that that's not the right course, then I'm going to do what I do."

What would that be? Voinovich doesn’t say, simply clueless that urgent times demand honest specifics, not this cowardly yap of nothing.

"There are no illusions out here."

Oh sure, LaHood, even when you’re retiring in haste you can’t speak the simple truth: whatever Republicans lie to your face about means nothing as they vote to continue Bush’s insane criminal war in Iraq this Fall, just as they always have in some sick fantasy delusion they’d never pay a political price for it. Even as the noose tightens around their necks and they begin to yap and whine they still with vote for Bush’s war, one of the greatest acts of political delusional suicide we will ever see.

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