Wednesday :: Sep 19, 2007

Mi Familia Con Richardson

by Ken Camp

Recently, Governor Bill Richardson launched a massive outreach effort in the Latino community called "Mi Familia Con Richardson". This effort is aimed at an emerging voting block in the Democratic Party that is primed to be a force in the early states and especially the West.

What is Mi Familia Con Richardson?

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Mi Familia includes fundraising goals for each member, but more importantly, the program inspires members to help grow the familia virally and take grassroots action in support of Governor Richardson. It neighbors talking to neighbors and friends talking to friends.
The goals include the creation of Mi Familia con Richardson chapters throughout the United States. Chapters as small as five members or as large as twenty-five members. Each member agrees to donate $5.00, $25.00 or $50.00 to the Bill Richardson campaign and raise a similar amount from other supporters. Each member would then recruit five new members who agree to do the same.

In addition, each new member agrees to do at least five of the following activities between the time they enroll and the Democratic Primary or Caucus in their state:

* Attend community/neighborhood organization meetings to represent the Richardson for President Campaign.
* Distribute campaign literature in neighborhood, at events and public gatherings.
* Host a debate-watch party for Mi Familia con Bill Richardson members or potential members
* Organize new chapters of Mi Familia con Bill Richardson at neighboring communities, businesses, organizations and appropriate venues.
* Volunteer five times at a Richardson for President Headquarters or event.
* Submit Letters-to-the-Editor about Bill Richardson to local publications.
* Submit blog entries about Bill Richardson to blogs of their choice.
* Call radio talks shows on behalf of Bill Richardson.
* Collect voter contact information
* Volunteer for voter registration drives and block walking.
* Man the phone banks.
* Vote or caucus for Bill Richardson.

Here is a list of prominent Latinos around who have endorsed Governor Richardson. If you're Latino, consider taking the first step and join Mi Familia Con Richardson today.

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