Friday :: Sep 21, 2007

Will SCHIP Save Democrats From Themselves?

by Steve

It’s a sad commentary on this country, and the third of the voting public that still strongly supports this president, that he can tell a news conference yesterday that he demands another $50 billion this year without strings for Iraq, but will veto less than that amount over the next five years for children’s health care. And then to cap it off, his staff set it up so that at the end of the news conference he gets a softball question to smear Democrats, and walks away without taking questions.

And then to make it worse, hours later he jerks the leash of nearly half of the Senate Democratic caucus to pass a meaningless resolution against, while Senate Republicans, who said just weeks ago that votes to stop the war were a waste of valuable time, suddenly made the time to bash MoveOn. It's good to see how well the GOP was doing the country's business.

Let’s see how many brave Senate Republicans there are if Bush vetoes the SCHIP expansion, assuming Mitch McConnell allows the vote to even take place. And if Bush is stupid enough to actually veto this to demonstrate fiscal discipline at a time when he willingly shovels money into Iraq, then the Democrats will be handed a talking point from the gods to bludgeon any vulnerable 2008 House Republicans who vote to sustain Bush’s veto, as well as any Senate Republicans who do likewise.

The question, of course, is whether or not the Democrats would know what to do with such an opportunity.

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