Saturday :: Sep 22, 2007

What Now?

by paradox

What do we do now? a soul dear to me basically asked recently, probably an extremely common question this morning among the Democratic base reeling from yet another very bad week, betrayal and capitulation to petty bullying nauseating as our people die in the field for nothing, even the most ardent and steadfast defenders of the Party warning their supply of honor and patience is not infinite.

It’s like John Ashton and Judge Reinhold in Beverly Hills Cop, right, the two detectives who have screwed up already and now are in for a long stakeout of Eddie Murphy. The young clueless one turns to the grizzled veteran to asks him what they do now. The grim reply is the prescription for the exhausted, disgusted Democratic base, probably will be for a long time: we wait.

Wait for an America that has never met her potential and lost her way several times, no matter what the braying exceptionalists say. We know America’s problems very well and will spend all of our short lives trying to fix them, waiting for a day in America where sick kids are not profitable, where there are no slums, where we shepherd the earth and all of our people in peace.

Those who died before us in this land, fighting and dreaming for a country they knew would never be in their time, they waited too. Such is our grim, unsatisfying, exasperating fate with America, doing what we can to make America a better place, we try and we wait.

Odds are extremely good a Democrat will be President in 2009. Perhaps without a big badass bully as Executive congressional Democrats could become adult humans again. Maybe. It’s a chance worth working and waiting for, there is no other alternative.

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