Saturday :: Sep 22, 2007

Iraq Blank Checks And Fiscal Irresponsibility

by Steve

Today's question for Harry and Nancy: If you know that Bush is about to blast you Monday for being fiscally irresponsible, is it too much to ask that Democrats make him pay for that mistake? Can both of you at least be ready to point out the hypocrisy of a man who whines about fiscal irresponsibility over $22 billion in a $2 trillion budget, who wants to cut school transportation for disabled kids for the cost of one week of the Iraq war, and then demands two days later $200 billion for a war without accountability?

After spending September in an effort to regain the support of his base by scaring the little children on Iraq and terrorism, he now will go in hunt of more of the base in October by becoming a born again fiscal conservative. (We saw this coming a month ago.) This is coming from a man who gave us the budget busting, drug company and HMO corporate welfare known as the Medicare Part D drug program, and from a man who never vetoed a spending bill during the entire GOP congress. Yes, we are now in Year Seven of the Rovian playbook of attacking your opponents on your own weaknesses, yet the Democrats still are incapable of preempting these attacks by turning them against Bush before he uses them. The question is why aren't Democrats on the Sunday chatfests blasting the administration for its fiscal recklessness on Iraq while they cut funding for the needy and underfund our other needs here at home?

Is it too hard for Democrats to be ready to throw it back in his face Monday that a guy who wants to hurt disabled kids for chump change and wants $200 billion for Iraq without an endgame can’t be taken seriously when he whines about $22 billion out of $2 trillion?

If Bush really wants to argue fiscal irresponsibility now, shouldn't Democrats then insist that the Iraq supplemental funding bill have specific benchmarks and deadlines to justify that money? If fiscal responsibility is now all the rage for the GOP next week, can't Democrats demand to know how those same GOP senators and representatives support a $200 billion blank check?

Update: Commenter Chango reminded me of something that might come in handy over the next several weeks.

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