Saturday :: Sep 22, 2007

Puget Sound Football // Open Thread

by paradox
Seattle Seahawks logo

Mike Shanahan, you are a George Bush Florida, Billy Martin pine tar, cheating, unsportsmanlike, scumbag sumbitch loser, do you hear me?

It’s like Stacy Keach’n Cheech’n Chong’s Up in Smoke, eh, when Sergeant Stadenko berates Harry for shooing out one of their own tires in a car chase.  “You make me sick!”

Seattle Seahawks logo

I’d like to congratulate the National Football League for, once again, having Raider fans cheering wildly as a game is won, only to once again, impossibly, have the officials say oh no, we’re so sorry, that isn’t how football is played.  It’s a total disgrace and a huge obvious shortcoming of the league, professional my ass.

Oh you didn’t think of a scumbag like Mike Shanahan when fabricating timeout rules?  It’s always something, isn’t it, we’ll get a brand new rule to stop the cheating next year, won’t we?  Al Davis is an old man with a terrible football team, you’d think the league would grow up and drop it, but they never do.  One of the reasons the Raiders have been so bad for years is that they know the league is rigged against them, it’s a horrible mental burden for a developing team.

This loathsome turd Shanahan’s behavior has a direct relationship to our political environment, oh yes, this disgusting and un-American win-at-all-costs intent-be-damned wave of dishonor has swept over us for far too long, we lost by 535,000 votes but we won!  The Raiders won the game on that kick, but they didn’t!

Har har, isn’t it fun to turn losing inside out?  We lost but we’re winners!  Did we really fool ourselves as a people that disgusting behavior like that won’t have disastrous consequences?


Ahem.  Yeah, now that I’ve got that out of my system, it’s time to introduce this week’s wager team, the Seattle Seahawks!  Who do those brave Microsoft warriors carry the ball for?  The Rude One!

Why Seattle?  No reason, really, ‘cept Erin Alecto likes them, which is reason enough in this world.  She checks in after I’m finally done tonight, then that hoser Dinelli, dern it’s ugly to watch a man get rich off the Cowboys.

I would like to get very serious for a moment, though, and give a big high five backed by any cold hard cash you can throw his way to The Rude Pundit, not everyone’s cup of tea, certainly, but one of the most passionate, sincere voices of truth ever to be heard in the blogosphere.  I’ve plunked $100 on the Seahawks for the man, if betting’s not your thing toss five his way anyway, eh?  He is that good.

All right, gentle people, I’m on my way at last.  Good night, please be well, fuck you Mike Shanahan, I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.  Take it away, Erin.


Seahawks v Bengals - both teams are 1-1 on the season, but since this is a home game, I'd push for the 'Hawks, just a little. Alexander's going to have to show just a little better if he's going to come back as the golden boy (from KOMO):

Alexander was stopped twice on third-and-1 this season, before breaking for a 16-yard touchdown on fourth-and-1 last week against the Cardinals. He was stopped just once in 20 carries on third-and-1 or third-and-2 during the 2005 season.

His first eight carries last week netted 10 yards. His first 12 carries against Tampa Bay in the opener gained 39 yards before he finished with 105 as Seattle rallied to win 20-6.

We'll see what he does this week with a cast on his left wrist. It shouldn't make a difference, especially since he's anxious to prove his worth to the home audience. And the Bengals have injury problems, plus a couple newbies, so they may be shaky. I'm going with the Seahawks tomorrow, should be a fun game.


Dinelli here, rolling the dice again on Week 3 with….The Cowboys again!  Yes, boys and girls, the Cinderella story continues on, with the Chicago media already wining and dining Eastern Illinois’ Tony Romo, who, though growing up in Burlington, WI, a mere 75 miles away, will be making his first trip into mystical Soldier Field Sunday night.  Radio and print interviews reveal No Fear in our hero, and despite the local hype surrounding the Bears’ “fearsome” defense, Romo and TO will have no problems hooking up under a healthy Keith Olbermann’s bright lights. 

They’re getting 3 points, but take it to the bank, they will win outright, and yours truly may have to get a star tattoo to show my gratitude in increasing my bank account this early in the season.  I’ve held off on calling the bookie in certainty that crazed drunken Bear fans will hike the line up to 4 or 5, but that’s just for insurance purposes, for we will not need the points.  As I’ve said already, the ‘Boys are a playoff team, and Chicago’s Rex Grossman-led offense hasn’t proven they can move the chains with any consistency.  It’s just not gonna cut it, folks.  EIU mojo is working in mid-season form this year, just ask Mike Shanahan, who broke Paradox’s heart last week with an unexplainable win.    

Anyone thinking about other picks?  SoS’s Cardinals +8?  Packers +5 at Lambeau?  The suprising Texans +6?  Pats or Jets in blowouts?  Paradox’s beloved Raiders -3?  I think Coyote’s Seahawks are a safe bet -3.5.  Looking forward to SoS’s weekly picks, we went 4 out of 5 against the spread last go-around.  In the great tradition of politically-minded football fanatics like James Carville and Richard Nixon and Hunter S. Thompson, we may have a ringer walking amongst us.    

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