Sunday :: Sep 23, 2007

Clues to Republican Unity

by paradox

It’s often been noted that the sycophantic, robotic, lobotomy-like obeisance of Congressional Republicans to George Bush is a science fiction scary phenomena of mysterious slithering evil, but that’s not really true, there are many obvious clues as to why modern Republicans are pod people, bleating endless lies for years about taxes, democracy and freedom as Bush runs amok in record-setting failure everywhere.

The first is an acute defensiveness to the theft of Election 2000. Months before Bush took office Democrats and any legal mind with the tiniest element of integrity flatly proclaimed Republicans were crooks who had smashed the democracy. Just because the Republicans had our corporate propaganda media to cover for them didn’t make it any less true, so by God and holy Moses we’ll show them George Bush is a great success, theft and lying were the right thing to do, watch us prove it!

One of the most pernicious side-effects to this utter disaster was a clueless National Security Adviser who could not, under any circumstances, understand memos that shouted Bin Laden was determined to attack the US, leading to that horrible day and a mindset that all bets are off.

All bets are off, y’all want throw the rules out the window? Ha, we’ll show you what that brings in this world, humiliate us so sneakily? Here comes American Retribution, baby, any Muslim of any type is fair game in the Middle East when all bets are off.

To significant degree that’s still true, this notion we can do anything to combat terrorism, another epic disaster in American mentality. All bets are off is an instant regression to the stone age, we set up our ethics, laws and norms of honor for very good reasons, we can’t survive without them. Hopefully we’ve learned as a country that engaging in all bets are off behavior is never, ever worth it, no matter what is done to us.

21st century Republicans evolved their brand as an attack--rather than a governing—mindset upon victory, Newt Gingrich and the Clinton Crusade endlessly repeating a script of attack Democrats, attack liberals, attack anything not Republican. For six years Republicans had control of an entity they had monumentally lied about for decades (government itself was the issue of our problems), and once in control naturally had no interest in collective government, all they know what to do is attack Democrats.

The country has gone to total hell, but look how awful those liberals are! George Bush and Dick Cheney (with Karl Rove in the background), are some of the worst political attack bullies this country has ever seen, staying completely unified behind them by congressional Republicans is a natural fit for the kind of political survival they practice.

This last variable is closely related to the creepy 100% loyalty of Republicans in another way, for Bush, Cheney and Rove made it instantly clear in 2001 that should any Republican brethren dare to be disloyal retribution would be terrible and swift. It was a running joke in the first term how the few public dissenters of Bush would get some kind of Rove political mafia visit after straying off the reservation and in just hours were wildly flapping about, telling everyone how wrong they were, just a momentary mistake, of course I never meant any harm, never, to the Great Almighty Bush, our leader, our beloved testicle-bearer, our dear little love man of democracy.

Absolute loyalty is an authoritarian, fascist trait surely at work here, one better perused with the master David Neiwert at Orcinus, but there’s no doubt it too is an element to Republican pod people behavior. Throw in a completely enabling propaganda corps that laughably thinks it practices “journalism” and here we are, the Modern Congressional Republican, whiplashed into total mental submission by attempted cover of theft, regression of 9/11, complete attack mentality toward opponents, fearful of being viciously bullied, and natural followers in political cult.

Oceans of blood are at their feet in a horrifying war for lies while millions of refugees huddle in misery, fleeing from a hell the United States created. The world spits on us, our great legacy of sacrifice and work of 220 years simply trashed in 7, the United States may never get its reputation back. Trillions in debt reek from cooked public books, New Orleans just sits there in rank, evil neglect, the planet ominously warms, urgent domestic problems are everywhere but Congressional Republicans are utterly oblivious, no matter the issue they always answer that we will vote with Bush, we will vote with Bush, we will vote with Bush, we will vote with Bush…

Can a modern democracy survive such robotic, pod people destructive creatures? We’re about to find out.

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