Monday :: Sep 24, 2007

Campaign 2008 Update - Poor Rudy Edition

by Steve

Give credit to the Washington Post today for running a long Page One piece analyzing the hypocrisy of Rudy Giuliani running on 9/11, given his record. Then again, his flip-flopping on gun rights and the “my wife is calling” scam at their convention probably didn’t help him with the NRA either. Even Chris Matthews spanked him on that today.

Slate tells us that DLC president Bruce Reed won a contest authorized by the Mitt Romney campaign to design an ad for the Mittster. Supposedly the Romney folks agreed to buy TV time for the winning ad, but probably have second thoughts now about that pledge.

Donald Trump told Wolf Blitzer today that Bush is a huge liability for the GOP next year, and that in order for the GOP nominee to have any chance at winning in 2008, Bush needs to go into a corner and hide once a GOP nominee is selected.

Note how the evangelical base of the party isn’t at all impressed with Fred Thompson, is talking with the Democrats, and is even mentioning the possibility of a third party campaign next year.

John Edwards cleverly came out in favor of limiting medical malpractice litigation today.

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