Thursday :: Sep 27, 2007

Such Tension, Such Chaos, Such Disrespect

by paradox

Senator Robert Byrd did not get the memo that the next time the terrorists attack us the Democrats will get blamed if they don’t do exactly as Bush and the Republicans wish right now. Byrd, given to some predictable mild eccentrics in his very advanced age, had General Pace and Defense Secretary Gates before his Appropriations Committee yesterday and the hearing went berserk, Pace and Gates mercilessly hounded by the audience and Byrd.

Code Pink was there and when they weren’t joining a chorus led by Byrd they were constantly heckling Pace and Gates, the hapless “used care salesmen” beat up unmercifully the whole time.

"Instead of a coalition of the willing, what we really have is a coalition of contractors!" Byrd admonished. "That's right!" the chorus agreed.

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) intoned gravely how disturbed she was at the horrible tension, the frightful chaos, the terrible disrespect of the whole spectacle.

Perhaps if Ms. Mikulski would talk to the people of Baghdad they’d tell her about the time three car bombs blew up 70 girls waiting to go home from University and wounded 120 more. Happened in January. They might have a thing or two to tell her about tension, chaos and disrespect, one suspects, oh yes.

Until then one can hope she can keep her mouth shut or help immediately end the Iraq war, there has got to be no more pathetic sight than an American Democratic Senator whining about respect, Jesus save us.

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