Thursday :: Sep 27, 2007

Was Omar Mora A "Phony Soldier"?

by Steve

Now that the House and the Senate by large margins have passed meaningless resolutions condemning MoveOn for its General Petraeus ad, let's see how many House and Senate Republicans condemn Rush Limbaugh for calling uniformed personnel who oppose the war "phony soldiers". If the House and Senate GOP got their undies all tied up doing battle with MoveOn for supposedly disrespecting the armed forces, then when can we expect GOP senator John Cornyn of Texas to sponsor the resolution condemning Rush Limbaugh? You see, Omar Mora, one of the seven soldiers who wrote the New York Times op-ed opposing the war last month, and who was killed later, was Cornyn's constituent from Texas City.

He was scheduled to return home in November.

If the Democrats want to play the game the way the GOP plays it, and if they want to ram this far-right stir-the-sheeple crap down the throats of Repukes like Cornyn, perhaps the DNC and DSCC can run some radio in Texas demanding to know why Cornyn hasn't introduced the resolution himself. If Cornyn doesn't go to bat for one of his own constituents against Limbaugh, then does that mean Cornyn agrees Mora was a "phony soldier?"

Look, we can't count on our congressional leaders or our leading candidates to fight the White House on the war, so all we have left is to mount these fistfights with the Right Wing noise machine. If Cornyn doesn't go after Limbaugh here for one of his own constituents, then he should be made an example of. These tactics won't stop until some GOP political corpses are left on the floor. If the Democrats can't kneecap Cornyn on this, they should go home.

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