Saturday :: Sep 29, 2007

Open Thread - Saturday Night Edition

by Jeff Dinelli

No football thread tonight, Paradox is taking care of some family biz. For those who care, you can feel safe taking the Cowboys -13 or the Patriots -7 on Monday night. Paradox wanted me to put 20 bucks on the Cowboys for him, but my bookie only deals in large bills. I told him I'd buy him a lunch sometime with my winnings.

In fine Saturday night fashion, I'm ignoring the real world, but that doesn't mean you have to. I hear Marty Scorsese is gonna film a doc about the late, great George Harrison, my second favorite Beatle. His film on Dylan was great, so there's reason to be optimistic here with a largely underappreciated artist as his subject.

So remember, "Life goes on within you and without you."

What's on your mind?

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