Sunday :: Sep 30, 2007

Odds & Ends // Open Thread

by paradox

Sorry to miss yesterday but I got called away unexpectedly by my family, nothing I could do about it. I really don’t know what to do with the NFL Open Thread anyway, ‘cause a little regressive rebellion is fine now and then, but I can’t continue this insanity of gambling, Jesus, people do this regularly?

I rarely gamble, I have not a clue as to what I’m doing and it’s no fun, petty amounts at $20 are okay but no bookie will do it, so we’ll find out where this one goes. It’s irrational behavior, yes, but Democrats everywhere are asking me for cash today, tell me I’m always supposed to behave in a world like that.

I’d like to congratulate the NFL for corrupting the poor innocent coach of the Oakland Raiders, in just his third game he precisely modeled the behavior of unsportsmanlike prick Mike Shanahan with these timeout double-kicks to end games. Some day one of these fools is going to call away a miss, then the second kick will lose the game for him and this shameful mental masturbation meander might finally end. The NFL could always issue a rule so men could end a football game again, but they’ve kept their shamefully bad overtime system this long, the league tolerates failure like George Bush, so I’m not optimistic.

Good news came gracefully gliding in from nowhere last week: Alameda Creek, starting just at the very southern end of my boyhood geography range, is being blessedly rehabilitated for Pacific Steelhead. The creeks in the watershed next to my home are still warm, but they flow through the same Niles Canyon to the bay, and if this can successfully happen Livermore Valley could get steelhead again.

Thank you Tom Stienstra, and The San Francisco Chronicle. Good luck to the Alameda Creek Alliance, if time and resources allow I will do something, I promise.

I’ve been enjoying Balloon Juice for quite some time, the writers are good there with disciplined thinking. I was taken aback there last week to find yet another sicko in the leadership of our country, it’s pretty bad to have to sue your own son to recover a loan, but then to have the son issue a restraining order to stop the harassment for legal fees? Another Republican quack in need of thorazine, damn, still all of next year to go.

What I liked, though, was the classification, filed under: assholes. Some words are simply too perfect not to use. Good night, gentle people, please have a great week, please use this space to do with as you wish.

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