Monday :: Oct 1, 2007

A Rogue Band Of Criminals On The Federal Payroll

by Steve

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Henry Waxman's House Oversight Committee staff have found that Blackwater has fired what amounts to one-seventh of their staff for drug abuse and escalation of force incidents in Iraq. The Iraqis have determined that Blackwater's account of the recent slaughter of innocent Iraqis at the hand of out-of-control Blackwater guards were lies and unsupported by the evidence. Now, to slow down the oncoming train of congressional investigations, the State Department at this late date suddenly wants the FBI to step in and investigate Blackwater, which will allow the administration to revert to its "we can't comment on this because of an ongoing investigation" defense.

Maybe they should also investigate why Blackwater has made most of its money since Condi took over the State Department.

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