Wednesday :: Oct 3, 2007

The Poor Man is Right: Bill Richardson for President

by paradox

It's fortunate I haven't eaten dinner yet, for certainly I would have hurled when seeing this quote from Bush:

"So far, Bush has been encouraged by the fact that Democratic candidates are preserving enough wiggle room in their anti-war rhetoric to enable them to keep at least some troops in Iraq."

“If you listen carefully, there are Democrats that say, ‘Well, there needs to be some kind of presence,’” Bush said.

No, there needs to be no presence at all, we need to flee this vast war crime as soon as possible. Only Bill Richardson is forcefully articulating the correct position on the country's most urgent issue: get all of our people out of Iraq immediately.

Since I never did mail in my new party registration card I'll vote for Richardson. The Poor Man is correct, all else is secondary to leaving Iraq immediately, Richardson is right and he has our votes.

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