Wednesday :: Oct 3, 2007

Bill Clinton

by eriposte

The Republican misinformation machine spent hundreds of millions of their contributors and readers'/customers' dollars - not to mention tens of millions of taxpayer dollars - hunting Bill Clinton mercilessly for well over a decade. There probably hasn't been a more systematic and expensive campaign of fraud and criminality against a sitting or former President of the United States in at least several generations. Let's see the net result of what the Republicans got for their money, from the Washington Post (h/t Jeff's post below):

At this point, however, the former president is seen in favorable terms. Two-thirds of Americans said they approve of the job he did while he was in office -- virtually the reverse of President Bush's current approval rating, which stands at 33 percent. Clinton remains overwhelmingly popular among Democrats, and 63 percent of independents and even a third of Republicans also gave him positive marks.

Thanks for spending all that money attacking Clinton.

Please, please spend another $100M attacking Bill Clinton over the next year. Pretty please?

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