Thursday :: Oct 4, 2007

The Longest Political Year of Our Lives is Coming

by paradox

As if we ever needed any more confirmation that the rule of law has never meant anything to the heinous criminals leading our country in the Executive branch, word comes from the New York Times last night that despite all public claims to the contrary the United States has been torturing prisoners. Alberto Gonzales rationalized the felonies in then super-secret memos.

Congratulations Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas and O’Connor, the denial of your horrible crime in stealing election 2000 is finally being shattered. When you made a mockery of the law and ethics of course the crooks who benefited from your theft would have nothing but utter contempt for the law, and here is just the latest stinking, revolting slimy result of it.

We have a totally rogue criminal for a President, identified as the worst we have ever had many times, with no check on his rampant insane crimes by Legislative, Judicial, or the media, they all enable him! Welcome to the political petri dish of the United States of America, all the world is watching to see if the world’s oldest democracy can survive a rampaging felon, already threatening another insane war with Iran, for the last year of his term in 2008.

It’s not even Halloween yet! Already I am weary of our politics unto death, Jesus save us from the sickening wallow we’ve become degraded to in what should be our most noble, inspiring institutions. Added to my misery is a searing painful truth I’m still nowhere near getting over: our Party leadership thinks they can do anything, I mean freaking anything (MoveOn, the war, FISA, MCA), and I will still always vote for them.

I’m never forgetting the trap my Party leadership has put me into, I could never not act against these insane Republican criminals, yet I should never have to sacrifice my integrity for ever voting for Democrats again, this is simply inexcusable political and human behavior. Another truth that I’m still processing is that I enable failure and misery every time I vote for a Democrat, yet I never have any other options. Thanks a lot, Nancy & Harry.

Not only do we have to live through whatever horrors are inflicted upon us and the world by Bush and Cheney in the their last year, it’s also a Presidential election year, Jesus save us from the nauseating US propaganda so laughingly called “journalism” vomited forth from this disgusting corporate-bought process, this absurd primary system, this agonizingly long process of insulting trivia. Ugh, ugly isn’t the word for it.

Always in the background will be that rampaging felon with lakes of blood at his feet, still committing terrible crimes, sickening war news of death and destruction constantly in the news. I rarely experience fear, but I felt a real stab of it recently when I saw what an utter mockery Scott Pelley of CBS made of the truth, himself and his disgusting profession when he totally hacked an interview with the President of Iraq into plain provocative propaganda. With media power so reliably able to turn on a dime for Bush with propaganda like that Bush and Cheney surely must feel they can do anything in their last year.

All Is Not Lost, we are frequently told. It certainly makes sense to believe so, since it’s such a convenient self-fulfilling prophecy to do otherwise. It’s also true humans can be amazingly resilient creatures, there are very good reasons to believe the United States will survive Bush relatively intact with a decent chance to recover.

We’ll all find out, won’t we? Meantime we still have to survive this year somehow, then comes the political death march of Bataan, 365 days of trudging hell in 2008 only some will survive, no one knows how many yet. 20 days after that, even, until the worst of all time is finally cleansed from our country. My God what a long year 2008 is going to be.

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