Friday :: Oct 5, 2007

Threats From Within

by Steve

I’ve been away on business for the last several days, but I’ve noted that:

-The progressive caucus in the House put a stop to the plans by Steny Hoyer and Rahm Emanuel to rush out another evisceration of FISA;

-Dana Perino has mastered the look of a lying “deer in the headlights”. Today, she gets hammered for lying about what Democrats weren’t told regarding illegal torture methods authorized by Alberto Gonzales. And just today, Bush lied once again when he says they don’t torture.

It’s clear to me that left to their own devices the Hoyers, Emanuels, Schumers, and even Durbins of the leadership would rather avoid battles with the White House and assume they can back their way into larger Democratic margins after the 2008 election. So the biggest threat to the White House the rest of the way isn’t from the Democrats, but rather from within. If someone was willing to leak the torture memos to the NYT, what else will be leaked from the bowels of this administration between now and January 2009 which will make Pelosi’s “impeachment is off the table” acquittal look like a dereliction of duty?

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