Saturday :: Oct 6, 2007

Republican Attack Schtick Entering Backfire Realm

by paradox

When the United States was not engaged in a disastrous lying war in the Middle East that blew a billion a week, when New Orleans was whole, when tens of millions of Americans where not desperately bankrupt from medicals bills, well, then the Newt Gingrich tora tora tora brand of Republican politics had a certain kind of warped sense, a basic understanding that although of course the tactics were hypocritical, grossly immature and supremely distasteful at least they made strategic political sense.

2007 is not 1994, yet after charting the country into horrifying circumstances on a number of fronts (Iraq, housing bubble, health care, New Orleans, debt, domestic spying) our Republican cousins still have nothing but government is the problem (even though they run it) and increasingly frantic attacks on liberals and Democrats, pathetic in their triviality.

The right blogs frothed last week Marines weren’t welcome in Oakland because of a glitch with their airline that kept them out of a public terminal. Last night Fox News Politics blared headlines that Obama doesn’t wear a flag lapel pin, no kidding. For days the right obsessed over the cost of MoveOn’s ad in the New York Times before their favorite bully George, in the true American way, said free speech was disgusting. Hey I lied about why hundreds of thousands are dead in a war that never ends, but they made a mean name for one of our lying generals!

All by itself Republican attack politics entered the backfire realm last week, this triviality is so grossly insulting to average Americans with so much so urgently wrong, but just because the results are negative Democrats will probably continue their disastrous mistake of not responding at all. As of this moment there is nothing on Obama’s website responding the lapel pin triviality, so typical of recent Democratic political failure.

The main defining element of the current Democratic brand, very well-earned, is of weak pansy politicians who can’t stand for anything and who even can’t fight for themselves. If in fact the brand was not so sullied in weakness the calm aloofness of Obama might make sense, but as of now he appears to be another meek Democrat who can’t fight back, and even worse a poor political tactician who can’t take advantage of a huge opportunity handed to him.

“With two million Iraqi refugees desperate to flee from a smashed country in a ruinous lying war it’s telling Fox News is more concerned about my lapel pin than the lives of human beings.”

How hard is that? How could that possibly take time? Not to do so makes Obama appear weak, scared and inept, yet there’s still nothing on his site, just this ridiculous dream that we can work together with the lying killing Republicans among us. A lot of good your willingness to be bipartisan did you, didn’t it, Senator? Now you’re a traitor for not wearing a pin after all that noble outreach, yet still there is no response on the site. Good luck.

Attack backfire hurts Republicans, yes, but not even trying to counter it does absolutely nothing to mitigate the Democratic identity as clueless weaklings, and also leaves a golden opportunity to frame priorities correctly tragically unutilized. Engagement does not mean debasement, and until the Democrats learn it our politics and country will continue to suffer for it.

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