Saturday :: Oct 6, 2007

Novak: Senate Republicans Knew About Craig

by Steve

Why am I not surprised to find out that Larry Craig's fellow Senate Republicans knew about his homosexuality and "weird conduct", according to Robert Novak, and did nothing about it until he got caught?

Just like House Republicans knew about Mark Foley hitting on male congressional pages and doing nothing about it until he got caught, Novak says his "sources" tell him that Senate Republicans knew all about Craig, during all those years that Craig and the rest of the GOP caucus voted strongly against gay rights and did nothing to stop mistreatment against gays. And yet, at the first sign Craig became a problem for the rest of them, suddenly Mitch McConnell wanted him gone right away.

Once he was no longer useful to the rest of them as one more vote towards maintaining their power and divisive wedge issues, he apparently had to go. Whether it was right or wrong to demonize gays all those years while one or several of your own was one of them never gave any Senate Republican pause.

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