Sunday :: Oct 7, 2007

Chosen War: Guaranteed Failure of Criminality

by paradox

"I know the intentions were noble and the arguments to go to war -- we believed there were weapons of mass destruction and he was a malevolent figure…” said Peter Wehner, one of the clueless killers recently to depart the White House, so conveniently glossing over possibly the greatest criminal and lying act—the Iraq war--ever to emanate from an American White House.

The Washington Post, of course, was and is an active enabler to the worst foreign policy disaster of all time with its unceasing editorial support for the Iraq war, and naturally the “journalist” writing this story of White House staff exodus will completely ignore the “nobility” of chosen war, it was all about how the US screwed up after we went in there, honest.

Many of the White House staffers fleeing the worst president of all time represent the new dismaying American business preference for young executives, stupidly following any directive in ignorance and physically capable of taking sickeningly abusive work schedules. Youth and fried brains from too much work will be desperately clung to in advancing age by these staffers, for the rest of the country, the world and history are not going to absolve and enable them for chosen war, even if the Washington Post currently does.

It may actually be possible that these walking automatons of felony really don’t what they’re talking about when discussing war, so to make it crystal clear let it be said one more time yet again:

The smashing acts of shattering violence to kill, maim and destroy with war are some of the most powerful, explosive forces in the human experience, the act of which is completely transformative for those involved with totally unpredictable results.

Choose violence and all is lost to the worst that can happen to a people, both to those who initiate it and those who suffer from it. Retribution almost always follows that quickly spins out of control, sometimes for hundreds of years. Jesus, the violence of war is not what you think it is, it can never work positively! We hung Nazis at Nuremburg for precisely the logic of “pre-emptive war,” yet these amazing Americans quoted whine about Bush being called a moron, oblivious to how apparently stupid they themselves are to not know these utterly known and basic facts about chosen war, it’s just incredible.

As Tristero at Hullabaloo keeps diligently pointing out, not only was the act of chosen war heinously stupid and criminal, the entire enterprise of occupation itself was and is sheer fantasy! It never could have worked, one cannot invade a foreign country, especially a fractured violent one like Iraq—in the freaking Middle East, for chrissakes—and then impose a functioning government, it…will…never…work.

It simply blows the mind how gullible Republicans are, it’s totally impossible to even set up a tyrant or dictator in Iraq after chosen war, let alone a functioning democracy, yet these pathetic excuses of public service still to this day yammer about elections and the “Iraqi government,” neither of which ever remotely existed in what is now an utterly smashed country in flames, two million refugees on the run (another story the war-enabling Washington Post ignores), no working infrastructure, rampant death, violence and maiming everywhere.

As if it couldn’t get more sickening, one of the killers says “ long as the possibility of being successful's there, you can justify continuing the effort."

Meghan O'Sullivan, the United States Army now accepts enlistments for able bodied adults up the age of 41. You just turned 38. Until you go down to the enlistment office and sign up, hear the screams and experience all the flaming hell of this war—all for nothing—then you could kindly shut the fuck up, Jesus nothing could be more horrifying or shameful than lying, killing “public officials” of the United States of America blathering on in clueless denial to send more humans souls to miserable senseless killing war deaths.

O’Sullivan is too busy to go, of course. She recently accepted a John F. Kennedy School of Government Fellowship, Harvard University.

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