Sunday :: Oct 7, 2007

US Beef Production Sinks to a New Low

by paradox

The disgrace of death and sickness from US beef consumption reached a new low last week as e coli contamination wiped out a year’s worth of production for a packing company, Topps, and actually shut them down, they’re out of business.

This is a depressingly old story with three main elements, yet when it’s reported on at least one is always left out or grossly under-emphasized in the story, just as it is here in the latest Newsweek iteration. Those three primary parts are:

/* Sickening and disgusting feed lot conditions for cattle, which the American beef industry insists of putting them through to get that high fat content deemed so necessary for real beef. Tens of thousands are packed in to stand their own manure for days to fatten them up as quickly as possible, which has bred this deadly strain of e coli and forces massive amounts of antibiotics to be taken, hardly the conditions that most Americans would consider ideal for their meat.

/* A nauseating story of crushed union labor in Chicago for meat processing, be it slaughter or pack house, the owners of both simply decided unions were not to be tolerated in their industry. They moved to the middle of nowhere, broke their unions and currently exploit their workers in one of the most disgusting and heinous labor stories of our times.

Not only is it very dangerous to work in these plants for the workers personally, their exploitation is directly related to contaminated meat. The faster the lines the more hurried and sloppy the work, weary workers at the end of tragically long work days and weeks making fatigue mistakes with their very sharp knives. If beef labor wasn’t so outrageously cruel and exploitive our meat would be a lot safer.

/* Completely corrupted and useless government oversight. Not only were the meat owners rabidly cruel union haters, naturally they fiercely loathe any government interference to wringing dollars of their exploitation, be it from our brothers and sisters laboring for them, our earth being despoiled for them, or our children dying for them. When they busted their unions they also made sure their payoff to Republican toadies in government effectively eviscerated any food safety inspection process, so dead American kids are the result.

It’s easily possible to set up an enforcement system for beef safety in this country, but the Republicans decided the money for their buddies was more important for the welfare of our people. The American people would figure out Republicans do not give a shit about anyone but their .5% richest of the country cronies if this story was reported correctly, Newsweek, thank you so much. It’s not surprising money precludes the truth with this typically lousy corporate journalism, but maybe one day dead American children might actually move them to do their jobs.

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