Sunday :: Oct 7, 2007

News Flash: Fighting Back Works!

by paradox

Happy news recently came tumbling out of California, where concerted efforts to stop cheating Republican federal electoral shenanigans scuttled the filthy ploy, but great care should be taken to note this was a purely state-level phenomena, federal Democrats are still essentially useless.

"Democrats are waking up to reality," said Doug Boxer, son of U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer. No, Doug, California Democrats got it together on this one, but after FISA and MoveOn no one thinks Democrats have “woken up” from their stupor of sycophancy.

"We're back to the Clinton era," he said, hopefully with an implied singular meaning of normal political behavior, you know, when politicians acted like opponents and attacked weaknesses, hit back fast at stupid jabs, and consistently applied messaging to political principles people cared about. Real Democrats who made sense in their behavior, remember?

Bill Clinton and James Carville can run a campaign, I’ll give them that, but if the Congressional Democrats want to ape political behavior it should be for Clinton campaign skills, no more. Triangulating political values make me vomit.

Be that as it may we still should all raise a glass to a fight well fought that delivered a very solid win, and only hope that Congressional Democrats finally comprehend that articulating your values and principles with forceful rhetoric—fighting back—is what normal politicians do, keep trying it and it will get easier, we promise. Really.

It is also necessary, with a great sense of wonderment, to report that Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger did the right thing here. He did a good thing too, he even spoke the truth, saying the ploy was of a “loser mentality” by those who would change the rules in the middle of the game. Classic Republican lying cheaters backed this initiative, in other words.

Coming from a man who obviated a perfectly good valid democratic election with an absurd crushing of the rules in the middle of the game himself, well, one must consider the source, yes, but it did happen, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke the truth.

Fighting back works! Who knew?

Thank you, San Francisco Chronicle

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