Sunday :: Oct 7, 2007

About That Football // Sunday Evening Open Thread

by paradox

In an occurrence I have never experienced as a fan, both my college (Cal) and pro (Raiders) teams have the week off, so amazingly there is no team to root for this week. I couldn’t find a bookie to take petty bets, I’m a terrible gambler, and the fact is I’m sensitive to the criticism of football as a violent, nationalistic, female-objectifying exploitive trivial sport in a time of war.

I’m not totally down on it, of course not, not like Morton Downey Jr., eh, in Back to School, who thinks football is a violent ground acquisition game that’s a crypto-fascist metaphor for nuclear war, eh? It is a decidedly un-liberal thing to do that was an okay idea, it ultimately didn’t work, so no more Saturday Night NFL threads. Boo fucking hoo.

I’m not exactly sure where this compulsion to be a Raider fan again came from (I took last year off), but I think it’s good for me, if trying for the poor sportswriters of the San Francisco Chronicle. I’m sure ya’ll can imagine what my email is like in that realm, yeah.

So peace be with y’all, Left Coasters, as always it’s an honor and a privilege to have you drop in. I have to cook dinner with family duty for the rest of this fine Sunday, otherwise I’d write two or three more posts. One of these days I’m going to drive a blog like it was my very own, like I was chained to the machine in a caffeine blasted blog dog political junkie universe and write all day, one day I’ll try that. I revved up a little this morning, that’s all, wondering what it was like.

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