Monday :: Oct 8, 2007

Are The Iraqis Ready For A Confrontation - With Us?

by Steve

If the sole reason for the surge has now been rendered moot by the Iraqis themselves, and if General Petraeus seems to be spending more time talking up the next war against an ally of the current Iraqi government, then how long will it be before they tell us to go home if all the Iraqis care about now is making the government work better, and not reconciliation? After all, you don’t need 160,000 American soldiers and 160,000 mercenaries running around Iraq in order to make the government work better.

And if Petraeus seems hell bent on an attack against Iran, perhaps that explains Gordon Brown’s hurry to get out of southern Iraq.

It appears that the al-Maliki government, already mad at the work done by General Petraeus to make peace with Sunni insurgents, now is aiming for a make-or-break fight with the Americans over Blackwater. The AP reports tonight that the Iraqi government will demand that CENTCOM and the State Department sever all contracts with, and eject Blackwater from Iraq. Obviously the al-Maliki government has ZERO confidence in Condi’s vow to rein in all contractors, and is cutting to the endgame by demanding that Blackwater leave Iraq.

If the Iraqis have rejected the goal of political reconciliation among the sects in favor of making the government work better to serve all sects, they don't need the surge anymore. And if they are now telling the Bush Administration to get rid of Blackwater or else, then at what point do they tell us to get the hell out of the country? If to them our presence is now counterproductive to their efforts to forge an imperfect but home-grown solution to their problems, then it appears the Iraqis will stop our presence before the Democrats do.

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