Monday :: Oct 8, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

Kevin Drum takes down Bjorn Lomborg who thinks that the world should put off dealing with climate change because there are plenty of other things to worry about in the world. And, of course, we should wait (forever it seems) until we have really cool technology. I sure wish Lomborg would spend more time touting the really cool technology we already have that could go a long way to fixing the problem before the sea levels rise.

Why can't we be working on making it easier for China to use nice, clean energy rather than force them to use the dirtiest, most inefficient energy? It seems to me that Lomborg is missing the fact that when China looks to join the first world with the amenities that energy usage brings, they don't actually have to use the dirty, wasteful energy systems that the first world did to get those things. In fact, if China does it right, they can have all of that and more for much less than we spend. Perhaps that's what Lomborg's worrying about?

And if we clean up our act, we'll also be getting lots more for less too. Dealing with global warming shouldn't be controversial.

My new motto: make every watt count.

Your turn now.

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