Tuesday :: Oct 9, 2007

Waiting for Everyday Domestic Political Violence

by paradox

Yesterday the right wing of the Republican Party got a little more berserk as they stalked and harassed children that had been held up as examples by Democrats in Congress for continuing children’s health insurance. What is publishing their address, peering through their kitchen windows and generally calling them liars a prelude to? Violence.

I and many others are watching this abhorrent development extremely closely, dreading the day when harassment like this—inflicted even on hurting children—spills over into overt violence, after they watch through the windows long enough one day they’ll decide more should be done and beat the kid up on his way to school. Domestic political violence will have spilled out of the classic sexual and racial avenues we now carry with us into everyday political issues like health insurance. What is that a prelude to? Fascism.

To the horrifying alarm of many of us watching the United States for the last seven years America has starkly exhibited fascist behavior: a stolen election, a mentality of stifling all dissent, cherished freedoms taken away, media as propaganda, constant war…the list goes on. No, we are always told, fascism has not arrived in America, and it won’t until one last critical variable falls into place: everyday street violence by berserk political operatives to crush the opposition.

Michelle Malkin and her gangs of abhorrent little net thugs are just one tiny step away from heralding fascism into our country, they know where they live and they’re watching them, just a few seconds of irrational hating behavior and one of those kids will be bleeding on concrete.

I just don’t understand this need to destroy, John Cole said at Balloon Juice yesterday, probably because he hasn’t been a liberal for the last 15 years. One of the linchpins of fascism is the demonization of political opposition, making liberals the Other, the Enemy. If Cole had been liberal he’d be acutely aware of what Rush Limbaugh and the right wing have been hurling us into the gutter as filthy scum for 15 years, it’s the liberal’s fault for all the problems we have! They’re un-American, they want to give up the war, they’re…traitors!

In a time of war with the Enemy committing treason against the Great Leader, why not destroy them? We destroy all over the world with lies right now, isn’t that the way the world really works?

All this time George Bush and his rampaging thugs have been smashing the country these absurd stern admonitions to moderate have arrived, it could not be and is not that bad, liberal. We causally kill, maim and destroy for lies, we steal freedoms from the constitution, we demonize the filthy Democrats for daring to speak out about any of it, but we’re not Germany in the 30’s and never will be.

If these children or their parents end up bleeding in the street over health insurance perhaps understanding will finally come about just how far we’ve fallen as a people, and what great, great trouble we now find ourselves in.

[h/t binzinerator, Balloon Juice]

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