Tuesday :: Oct 9, 2007

Rudy Musses Mitt's Hair

by Steve

Reuters photo of Rudy apologizing to Mitt for the kneecapping he gave him

A good summary of tonight’s GOP debate from Michigan can be found at the liveblogging done by the NYT and the excellent analysis by Steven Perlstein at the Washington Post. Aside from the toe-to-toe fighting Rudy and Mitt did, Thompson did well by just not drooling on himself and reading from a script, and McCain at times disappeared with Thompson now sucking up his oxygen. Of course none of these candidates said anything substantive that bears any real world relationship to the problems we face, but then again they are Republicans.

As a reminder, I am still recruiting for a contributing editor who can follow and write up developments in the GOP nomination contest with a great deal of humor and snark. If you have the time and wit to have fun at the expense of these sitcom characters for us here at the Left Coaster, please send me and Mary an email.

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