Friday :: Oct 12, 2007

Just A Couple Questions

by Jeff Dinelli

What exactly does educating people about global warming have to do with world peace? No doubt, Al Gore has done outstanding work raising consciousness on the issue, but this seems like a stretch, and I wasn't even convinced he deserved an Oscar for that documentary. While the internets are all abuzz over all things Al, early speculation is this still doesn't mean he'll run for the presidency.

And why did John Edwards even grace the National Enquirer story of an alleged affair with a former video producer with a response? By going ahead and making a formal statement on this article packed to the gills with unnamed sources, he's just made it newsworthy. This is all we'll hear about now this weekend. And you can bet the Enquirer, who, remember, broke the Rush Limbaugh pill-popping story, is busy offering money to all those sources, if any of them are real, to go on the record as you're reading this.

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