Saturday :: Oct 13, 2007

Why I Like John Edwards

by eriposte

This post at Gristmill summarizes what I feel very well:

Anyway, the broader point is this: Whatever his electoral fortunes, Edwards has played an indispensable role in this campaign. On issue after issue -- energy, poverty, health care -- he has led the pack with bold progressive policy proposals. In doing so, he's pushed the envelope and made it safe for the other major candidates to strengthen their own plans. He is at least partly to thank for the fact that "80% by 2050" is the standard target for emission reductions rather than an activist wet dream. He was, it seems, the first to recognize the benefits of auctioning permits. He was the first to propose a major cleantech investment fund. The first to propose banning non-IGCC coal plants. And so on. Whether he gets the nomination or not, he's laid the groundwork for a strong progressive administration. Thanks, Johnny!

I agree with that entirely. (Let's not forget that Sen. Clinton's generally well-received healthcare plan was also based substantially on Sen. Edwards' plan.)

A week or two earlier, I was telling some friends why I was so pleased with some of the Democratic candidates for President. In one of the debates, Sen. Clinton said something to the effect that every single one of the current Democratic candidates for President will be a better President than any of the current Republican candidates for President. While that is true, what I find particularly refreshing is that some of the top candidates have been mainstreaming very progressive ideas and proposals in a way that I haven't seen before and that I never believed would happen until I was 200 years old. This forces - or allows - other candidates to also become more progressive. One candidate in particular has been very aggressive about it and that's Sen. John Edwards. So, we do have a lot to thank him for.

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