Saturday :: Oct 13, 2007

Using 9/11 To Trash The Constitution

by Steve

If we now have it confirmed that the Bush Administration was intending to spy upon Americans’ phone and email communications months before 9/11 took place, will Democrats finally dig their heels in on granting retroactive immunity to the telecoms that did play ball? Qwest would be the only one of the major firms not at serious risk from class action litigation because it rejected the administration’s requests for access to the switches, whereas Verizon, BellSouth, and AT&T all played ball in exchange for other goodies from the government. All Qwest got for their principled stand was a freeze out on government contracting and the indictment of its CEO for insider trading.

If the administration intended to violate our privacy months in advance of 9/11, at a time when the White House couldn’t be bothered to act against a documented Al Qaeda threat in the summer of 2001, can we finally admit that 9/11 and Al Qaeda were simply a means to an end for the PNAC kooks, and stop dismissing those who believe this as conspiracy freaks?

And with such nefarious behavior at work, why would any Democrat vote to give the telecoms immunity unless it was solely for cold hard cash?

If Barack Obama was looking for an issue to push Hillary with, the entire imperial power grab at the expense of our rights and liberties under the guise of a terrorist threat would be a great place to start.

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