Sunday :: Oct 14, 2007

Stumbling Into Another Debacle

by Steve

Since Bill Kristol seems to be on the White House speed-dialer, I tend to believe that he is a weather vane for them. As such, it appears that the Cheney cabal has drawn all the wrong lessons from Israel’s recent and illegal air strike into Syria and against a suspected nuclear reactor. To the cabal, the Israeli air strike was simply a lab experiment to show that we could strike Iran in a similar fashion without World War III breaking out.

It isn’t surprising that a man who still won’t acknowledge his gross misjudgments and negligence surrounding Iraq would now think that a military strike against Iran would be a one-off, a limited message-sending gesture of American strength. But if Cheney actually believes that Syria’s lack of a counterattack against Israel is indicative of an Iranian acquiescence to an American strike of any type inside Iran, whether it be a strike against Revolutionary Guard facilities or a strike against Natanz and other Iranian nuclear program sites, then we know the Kool Aid kiln is working full speed ahead at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue once again.

Given Kristol’s comments today about the contorted neocon relevance between the Israeli strike and a possible American strike into Iran, I just want to point out that Kyl-Lieberman was passed on September 26th, less than three weeks after the Israeli strike against Syria and the lack of a Syrian response. Do you really think Joe Lieberman or Jon Kyl weren’t paying attention during those three weeks or weren’t in touch with the Cheney cabal’s thinking during this time of a Syrian non-response?

What took place here was a simple division of labor between Israel and the Bush Administration in the latest example of how our foreign policy is really Israel's. The Israelis said that they'll deal with Syria, but our part of the workload is to deal with Iran. And now Kristol is telling us that the two are connected. Do the math.

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