Monday :: Oct 15, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

ThinkProgress reports that George Will is annoyed with Gore and the Nobel Prize committee and their nattering about global warming, which Will is just not sure is a problem. Yet, as Sam Donaldson noted, others have real reasons to not be so gullible as Will:

Now if you and Sen. Inhofe want to continue to stick your heads in the sand, I’m going to make it out. I’m old enough and I’ll will probably get out of here before the earth collapses. But I have grandchildren, George.

George Will listens to the Right Wing noise machine and sees nothing to worry about. Being clueless, he refuses to see the reality on the ground. He's like the stubborn old fart who survived the last ten hurricanes and doesn't believe the experts that this time he needs to evacuate because the real monster is on the way. For him, he knows better than all those experts because his good friend Inofe told him it was just a hoax.

So, who do you listen to when deciding whether the Global Climate Crisis is real or not? (For myself, I'm listening to people like Christina Hulbe, James Hansen and the thousands of other scientists who have been diligently gathering the data to give us a timely warning that we need to take action now.)

Your turn now.

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