Monday :: Oct 15, 2007

Mr. 9/11 Exposed As The Fraud That He Is

by Jeff Dinelli

Rudy Giuliani is running his campaign on one theme: he can protect us from terrorism, he proved himself in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on 9/11, he showed fearlessness and passion in America's darkest hour, what he likes to call a "wartime" situation. But we've all seen how upset NY firefighters are at the former Mayor of their city. We've seen him booed at a recent Yankees playoff game. What gives?

Brave New Films released a devastating film today that threatens to knock his whole, one-note campaign off its rails.

Rudy started his term as Mayor in 1994, shortly after the first attack on the World Trade Center in '93, and it was determined there was a serious problem with the radios being used by the first responders, particularly the FDNY's equipment. Mr. 9/11 responded such that it took him seven years to do something about the situation, namely, giving Motorola a sweetheart, no-bid contract that cost not the originally quoted $1.4 million, but $14 million. Far worse yet, the system wasn't tested in advance, and when the FDNY received the radios, they realized they didn't work, so they went back to the original, 1993 system.

Consequently, over 100 firefighters were unaware the first tower had collapsed while they were in the 2nd, but most police officers were able to get out safely, being able to hear the warnings. 343 firemen were killed at ground zero. The part of the film that made me want to scream is the sight of Rudy testifiying to Congress, praising those helpless firefighters in the second tower for "standing their ground." It's ghastly.

Sign this nifty petition so that Mr. 9/11's actions (or inaction) can be properly investigated and exposed. Help get the facts out in the open before this dingbat threatens to become the next President of the United States.

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