Monday :: Oct 15, 2007

The Continuing Tragedy of Neglected New Orleans

by paradox

Some of my worst moments as an American occurred when New Orleans was left to drown, tens of thousands of American souls—already horribly chafed under the burdens of poverty and racism—just left to suffocate in front of the world, a nauseating racist abuse of Americans I'll never forget. Other than seeing Al Gore continue to be apart from his true place (the oval office), few Americans experiences grieve me more.

It couldn't seem possible after Katrina, but the Republicans have deliberately abused and neglected New Orleans ever since, it’s very beneficial to them to have as many black residents leave purple Louisiana as possible. Dike pump contracts are shuttled off to cronies that deliver defective equipment, housing takes forever to get funded, and the elderly are dying in trailer parks, thousands of miles from home.

As with almost all the crimes of Bush our dear little “journalists” play right along, it’s what their corporate masters demand. Oh yes, at first CNN and NBC said there were going to set up bureaus in New Orleans, but word came from on high that crimes in New Orleans were to be ignored. Considering what’s happened to New Orleans and what needs to done, lack of national media coverage is just another soft propaganda disgrace of US “journalism.”

I’ll always be grateful to First Draft and Scout Prime for their commitment to covering New Orleans, I’ve got more news about New Orleans from them in a week than NBC ever broadcast.

She passed along this week a horrible New Orleans story: after finally getting their house re-built a family was about to move in when some idiots stole and car and set it aflame to try and hide evidence. The flames engulfed the new house and this family is homeless once again.

A group of Tulane University students has chipped in to help, their efforts can be found here. Progress has been excellent but there is a long way to go to get this family in a home again. I have helped out, and if you have any small amount it always helps.

Thank you, First Draft, may the grace of the world forever infuse your soul, Scout Prime.

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