Monday :: Oct 15, 2007

Larry Craig: Mitt Threw Me Under The Bus!

by Jeff Dinelli

Senator Larry Craig is the gift that keeps on giving. Still trying to withdraw his guilty plea stemming from the MPLS men's room incident, Craig has now taken his case to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, in an apparent attempt to find a judge that won't overturn his plea. It hasn't even been two weeks since the first judge he approached threw it out of court. Keep trying, Larry, please don't stop now. If it takes you all of 2008, don't give up, Big Guy!

In a don't-miss interview with NBC's Matt Lauer set to air tomorrow night, Craig said simply resigning would be "the easy way out" and "I don't just walk away from a fight." Atta boy!!

Reportedly Craig is also pretty sore at Mitt Romney for giving the man with the wide stance the boot from the Romney '08 express.

“He not only threw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran over me again,” Craig said, according to brief excerpts of the interview released late Sunday by an NBC spokeswoman.

This is a Republican black eye that hopefully won't go away anytime soon. A big question here is why all the GOP outrage over Craig's actions while Senator David Vitter was literally cheered when he returned to the Capitol after being caught receiving "services" from several D.C. (female) hookers? Is it simply a case of Republicans being a bunch of Neanderthals who whole-heartedly approve of banging female prostitutes, or is the shunning of Craig indicative of there being more hypocritical GOP congressmen in the closet, afraid of being the next one discovered?

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