Monday :: Oct 15, 2007

GOP Starving For Cash Already

by Steve

Want to see how tough things are for the leading GOP candidates for president? Both Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney blew through more money this summer than they raised, with Rudy burning through more than $13 million without running a single TV commercial. And how are things going for the Democrats?

Hillary raised more than all other candidates during the summer, $23.7 million, and she is still sitting on $35 million for the primaries, which is more than three times what Rudy has on hand and nearly four times what Romney has on hand for the rest of the primary season. And this was after the Mittster loaned money to himself. As for Obama, he had a great summer as well, raising more than $20 million with more than $32 million still on hand for the primary season.

Money follows money, and if you think Corporate America will step in to bail Rudy out to bridge the gap between him and Hillary or Obama, think again. As Romney, Rudy and the rest of the GOP field kill each other and resemble dueling road kill, big business will keep moving money over to the Democrats as insurance against getting clobbered by a Democratic Congress with far larger margins in 2009 than now.

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