Wednesday :: Oct 17, 2007

Focus Nancy, Focus

by Steve

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I must have missed something, but when did the Armenian genocide become Topic A for the House Democratic leadership, at a time when we shouldn’t be pissing on Turkey and at a time when the House Democratic leadership can’t seem to focus on the here-and-now? I have no idea why Nancy Pelosi hasn’t stepped in to tell the Adam Schiffs, the Brad Shermans of her party as well as slugs like GOP hack Joe Knollenberg to go away and think about our mission in Iraq instead of scoring points for Armenian Americans. I agree with John Murtha and yes, the White House that this isn’t the time for raising this issue once again, unless you are more concerned about pleasing an interest group here at home than you are about helping to get our troops out of Iraq or being hell-bent to tweak the Turks.

Can we at least focus on a broad strategy for getting our troops out of Iraq, fighting a real war against Al Qaeda, and improving our situation in the region and with Iran before Congress goes off on another annual wild goose chase about something terrible that happened decades ago? Putin and China are building a solid relationship with Iran and against any US attack there, and instead of pushing the dialogue in this country along the same lines so that we can have some influence that will benefit our troops in that region, the House Democratic leadership is picking at a sore that will only make Turkey mad. It’s no wonder why congressional Democrats are inept at developing a strategy to end this war and improve our position in the world.

At a time when Bush is bashing the Democrats on delayed spending bills he routinely condoned in years past when the GOP was in power, and at a time when the Democrats need to have a strategy to play effective offense against this White House on several fronts every day, Pelosi lets the children wander out onto the lawn to pursue this. Amazing, and sad.

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