Wednesday :: Oct 17, 2007

From The Campaign Trail

by Jeff Dinelli

A couple of quickies from Tribune News Services:

Rudy Giuliani got all over Barack Obama for indicating he would meet, supposedly without preconditions, with leaders of "enemy" nations. "Then he went on to explain that Ronald Reagan negotiated with the communists," Giuliani said. "I say this most respectfully: You're not Ronald Reagan, you know?"

The Obama campaign responded by revealing links between Mr. 9/11's law firm and Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. The firm did work until earlier this year for U.S.-based Citgo Petroleum, which is owned by Petroleos de Venezuela. "He apparently thinks we shouldn't talk to Chavez, but it's fine to take his money," spokesman Bill Burton said.

Meanwhile, Bob Jones III, chancellor of the Christian fundamentalist college which is named after his grandfather, endorsed Mitt Romney. Jones says that backing the Mormon was essential in order to keep pro-choice Rudy or Hillary from capturing the Oval Office. "As a Christian I am completely opposed to the doctrines of Mormonism," Jones said. "But I'm not voting for a preacher. I'm voting for a president."

Huh. So will the other evangelical heavyweights like James Dobson fall behind Romney as well, despite his goofy religion? As we all know, this is a big base we're talking about here, one that did a ton of footwork for Bush in the last two elections. It would seem that Mike Huckabee would be a natural for these people, since he was one of three Republican candidates to raise their hands during the first debate when asked, "Is there anyone here who does not believe in evolution?" Apparently evangelical Christians will alter their convictions according to electability. This is potentially huge for Romney.

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