Wednesday :: Oct 17, 2007

Setting The Trigger Pretty Low For War

by Steve

Today, our esteemed president said in his press conference that if we wanted to prevent World War III, we needed to prevent Iran from acquiring the knowledge to build a nuclear weapon. He managed to equate Iran to the Axis in World War II and the Kaiser in World War I. But he went further in this silly but dangerous remark to say that the trigger for a world war would not be Iran's possession of a nuclear weapons program, but their knowledge of how to do it.

Since most teenagers with Google knowledge can learn how to build a nuclear weapon, and since it was Bush's best friend in the War on Terra' Pervez Musharraf who allowed A. Q. Khan to give Iran a "Nukes for Dummies" course, why is Bush sounding like a man who has green-lighted WW III? Remember, Bush spewed this moronic drivel a day after Vladimir Putin said "nyet" to any attack against Iran, so presumably Bush is ready to wage WWIII against Russia and perhaps China as well to stop Iran from doing what India and Pakistan have already done, except that Bush rewarded the latter two.

And how do all of those Democratic senators who voted for Kyl-Lieberman feel now?

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