Friday :: Oct 19, 2007

Too Much Failure in Real Time

by paradox

It’s been a very disturbing past few weeks as our Republican brothers and sisters went around the bend, got a little bonkers, or traipsed amok among the American tulips, if you will. Wise, patient souls take it all in, wondering apprehensively if all the signs (eliminationist rhetoric, institutionalized violence, sanctioned dishonesty and bullying) will lead to the ultimate horror show: protesting Americans shot and beat up in the streets, their homes and offices firebombed, our ultimate political nightmare upon us. What’s going on?

While we wonder the price of oil sits at over $90 a barrel. The President of the United States threatens WWIII over nothing after he’s bankrupted the country into total disaster. Employment, wages and healthcare are raging problems while catastrophe looms with ignored global warming. In the midst of it all we deliberately abused and hurt our children, we’re beating up our kids in our raging failure.

Back in the days of peace, employment and intern thongs oil at $90 a barrel would have been a screaming story of real alarm, a serious problem that would have merited real competence in an immediate attempt to fix. Now it’s just another battering hit of debris in a hurricane on incompetence, and there is no way to deny the storm of trouble the country is now in.

Republicans lie and obscure like they breathe, of course, and they have a compliant corporate “journalism” corps to enable their fantasies, their falsehoods cloaking rank authoritarianism, but it can only take them so far. Republicans learned and honed their political skills, if one could call them that, in an era when a lot of America still was right, death and blood didn’t drip from the news every night, while hope and optimism for a bright future was normal.

Complete bullshit about Laffer curve taxation doesn’t work with oil at $90 and $130 to fill up the SUV. A childish, clowning journalism corps can’t cover for a lying war forever, it just doesn’t work. Too many people are without jobs, too many crushed and hurting from no health care, too many are dead and wounded for lies, too many refugees roam in completely misery, too much has been destroyed.

Citizens notice when a “journalism” icon sues his own employer of forty years of employment in a queasy story of lying, disservice and disgrace. Even though Republicans may still believe they’re in some sort of aggrieved minority (more complete bullshit they know no one believes anyway) they’re more increasingly aware, day by day, that Katie Kouric and Scott Pelly can’t stop the blistering criticism hurled at them unceasingly, let alone cover for all the failure. Rush keeps the base enraged and engaged, but it’s crippling long-term Republican prospects and making everyone else cringe in revulsion.

Not only have things gone to complete hell for the GOP, in political terms there is a long, long way to go before they emerge from their nightmare. There is still all of next year to get through, yet just two days ago Bush was an absolute unhinged lunatic to threaten war with Iran, with absolutely no indications of changing his horrifying behavior.

All the Republicans know is to attack and bully, just as all Democrats know is to enable and be victimized. It doesn’t solve any problems or build anything for the future, there is so much that desperately needs to be fixed that Republicans know they cannot escape accountability, not this time, they’re going to get obliterated in 2008. Thus they get more vicious and furious by the day, enraged that the only thing they know not only isn’t working, it’s making things worse.

If protestors start getting beat up in the streets at least I know the San Jose police department would never, ever condone it, political violence could easily flare but be quickly contained here, that’s fairly certain. It’s a grim, un-reassuring assessment of the world we live in this October 19th, 2007. America sure grew into the 21st century well, didn’t she?

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