Friday :: Oct 19, 2007

Dodd to Throw Down Over FISA

by Gabe

I received this email a few minutes ago:

Just last night, we heard there are plans to disregard Senator Dodd's intention to place a hold on a FISA bill that includes amnesty for telecommunications companies.

That would be a pretty extraordinary move, but Chris Dodd has pledged to stop this horrible bill any way he can.

So if the hold is not honored, he is prepared to go to the Senate floor and filibuster.

Rolling back the Bush Administration assault on the rule of law has been a major focus of Chris Dodd's work in the Senate -- and it's also a centerpiece in his campaign for President.

There is a direct relationship between our diminished standing in the world and the current Administration's assault on the Constitution.

Standing up for the values enshrined in that document doesn't make us more vulnerable ... they make us more secure.

The Senator likes to say that if he is sworn in at noon on January 20, 2009, he'll begin restoring the Constitution by 1 P.M.

You can help get him there right now.

If you are so inclined, here is the link to reward good behavior.

And here is Dodd in his own words:

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