Saturday :: Oct 20, 2007

Questioning The Leaders

by Steve

On this Saturday afternoon, as an equal opportunity beacon of reasons for concern among the top two Democratic candidates, I give you these:

Why did a third of the 150 New York Chinese donor records queried by the Los Angeles Times for Hillary look suspect? It looks like one of their Chinese "bundlers" needs a little bit more supervision.

If Hillary knows that her biggest obstacle is to get her negatives down so that more people would vote for her, then from this latest Zogby online poll it appears that she has her work cut out for her.

Why in his drive for a “new kind of politics” does Obama associate with Republicans who believe in a religious war to reform gays? Whenever Obama channels his inner Lieberman, he looks less and less appealing, and frankly, less and less progressive.

And on the other side, it looks like Rudy didn't have a good weekend in front of the evangelicals.

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