Saturday :: Oct 20, 2007

Do We Really Need Another Book About The Clintons' Marriage?

by Jeff Dinelli

You hear a lot of people talk about how tired they are of the Clintons. The Wall Street Journal did an internet search and found over 40 books by or about the Clintons, more than half by haters. Remember all the hype surrounding the back-to-back Hillary biographies this summer? Alfred A. Knopf printed 275,000 copies of Carl Bernstein's "A Woman in Charge." 57,000 sold, and you can read all 600 pages of it, as I did, and not learn a damned thing. "Her Way," written by NY Times reporters Jeff Gerth and Don Van Atta, has sold about 19,000 copies. Little, Brown and Co. printed 175,000.

Well what the hell, let's release another "tell-all" about the Clinton marriage. Random House offers up "For Love of Politics" next week, by Sally Bedell Smith, who has written about JFK's marriage and Princess Diana. What's this one about, budget-balancing? Welfare reform? Health care? Nah, who cares about that stuff, this one re-hashes the financial and sexual scandals for us one more time, in case there's anyone out there who has never read anything about them.

According to the WSJ's Jackie Colmes, there's nothing new in this one, either. Smith apparently borrows from the other 40-some books to produce a "breezy" read. She does come up with a memo revealing that -- wait for it -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan wasn't a big fan of the Clintons or their health care plan. Wow! Less successful is a "revelation" that Sen. Bob Kerrey advised Bill Clinton to resign after Monicagate. The WSJ's Colmes e-mailed Kerrey who responded a lot like I did: "Wow. This is lost from my memory bank. Whatever conversation I had (and I won't second guess the content of the Moynihan memo) it had to be more of a discussion of options than a recommendation. I would remember if I recommended he do this."

Huh. That's strange. As is Smith's introduction, which promises to "unravel the mysteries of the Clintons' marriage and to assess the extent to which the country was governed by a co-presidency from 1993 to 2001, a historical excavation that has not been undertaken to date."

Say what? Has this woman been in a bookstore in the last 15 years? We're all better off leaving this on the shelf and listening to Hillary's plans for the future, like how to get out of Iraq, how her health care plan is gonna work, and how she plans to clean up the mess that she would inherit if she were to become the next Commander-In-Chief.

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