Sunday :: Oct 21, 2007

Students for Barack Obama at the Straw Poll

by Mary

I had a chance to talk with Andrea San Miguel, the Deputy Chair of Northern California for the Students for Barack Obama. The Students for Barack Obama see this straw poll as a great opportunity for showing how many young people are excited about Obama. Andrea brought over a number of fellow Obama fans from the University of Santa Cruz. Students for Barack Obama is a national coalition of young people that believe Barack Obama is bringing hope for the future. As Andrea said, she believes he is the one who is truly committed to making a difference in the process of solving our problems. He believes in bringing everyone to the table. He knows you need to talk to everyone, but you can't compromise your values. She thinks that Obama's experience in community organizing is a very important thing to tap for the future.

Another Obama supporter, Sam Perry, one of Obama's local communication coordinator and fundraiser, came by later to talk more about Obama. What he finds truly exciting about Obama is how Obama knows that many of the problems we need to solve don't just take effort from the politicians, but also need individuals to change. And he believes that Obama is uniquely able to help lead this effort. As Sam said: "This is true ranging for preparing for events like Katrina all the way to global warming and international policy now. True change will come when everyone is working together to address our problems."

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