Sunday :: Oct 21, 2007

More from the Straw Poll

by Mary

Seth Stafford, the webmaster for the Straw Poll site, and Stephanie Chan, CA Communications Coordinator for Students for Barack Obama, are waiting results. Seth says that as soon as they get the results they will be posted to the website.


I had a chance to talk with a number of activists about why they were supporting their candidate.

Emily Thurber, a Democratic activist, was here to vote for Hillary Clinton. She's strongly pro-Clinton because she believes she will get started right away solving our problems.

Hillary has the experience and capability to be a fine president. She's got the experience to move right into the White House and start leading. The world situation is so bad and things are so serious, that we need someone who can start without a hitch.

Another Hillary Clinton supporter was Lorraine Hariton who had just come back from the National Women's Summit. She mentioned that Hillary has a lot of support now: 54% of the women's vote and she's pulling in 58% of the Democratic women's vote. She leads every other candidate in all the polls. Personally she's seen Hillary listen and grow. She's also seen the history of her previous work come in play.

Jeff Anderson is an Edwards supporter. He tells me that what he really likes about Edwards is that he believes of all the candidates, he's the most electable. And he's the most progressive. He's definitely got the best environmental policies. In fact, he is proposing green technology as a way to get our economy back on track.

Bill Richardson had a number of supporters in the room. I talked with TJ Glauthier, who had worked as the Deputy Secretary at the Department of Energy under Richardson. He believes that Richardson is unparalleled in his experience and he's really impressed how Richardson gets personally involved when there are problems that need to be addressed. He's not one to wait until other people bring back information if he has particular knowledge and experience that can help.

Well, we finally have results.
8th - Christopher Dodd, Mike Gravel (4 votes)
7th - Joseph Biden (8 votes)
6th - Bill Richardsen (21)
5th - Al Gore (23) - write-in
4th - Hillary Clinton (128)
3th - Barack Obama (171)
2nd - Dennis Kucinich (180)
1st - John Edwards (221)

This was just for the San Mateo caucus. This was the total vote count. The county breakout can be found on the website.

It's been an exciting afternoon.

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